Water Vapor

Water Vapor increases HP and reduces CO2 emissions

Bosch Water Injection System featured in Road and Track:

“Water injection works by spritzing the intake manifold with water vapor. This lowers the temperature and reduces the likelihood of engine knock, resulting in both better fuel economy and more power. And while BMW was clearly focused on the extra horses, Bosch sees it more as a way to reduce fuel consumption.”

The Green Machine water vapor system provides as much water vapor (by volume) as the leading water injection systems on the market. The water vapor increases HP by 5% or increases mileage by 13% with up to a 17% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Gasoline Vapor

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Emissions and driving results

1993 GM 454 with throttle body fuel injection (98,000 miles) and Green Machine Vapor - Water Vapor and Gasoline Vapor systems. The cleanest emissions of any  gasoline operated vehicle on the planet.